SYoS Lecture no 3

7 February 2024 17:00 18:30

Rte J-D.Colladon
Ecublens (Lausanne), 1015

The responsible assessment of open science

Portrait of Elizabeth Gadd
Dr Elizabeth Gadd

Calls such as the CoARA Agreement on Advancing Research Assessment to value a broader range of contributions in our research assessments have naturally led scientometricians to consider how they might better monitor engagement with various open science practices. However, expanding our assessments to incorporate open science raises a number of questions that should be carefully considered. These include questions as to whether is it open science or the outcomes of open science that we care about: research integrity, visibility and impact? Questions as to whether we currently have the data by which to accurately assess open research and whether it's appropriate to assess open research through closed data sources. And questions around the potential unintended consequences and discriminatory effects of assessing openness.

This talk will explore how the INORMS SCOPE framework can be useful tool to address some of these questions as we seek to expand our scientometric activities to assess open science in a responsible way.

Short Bio of Dr Elizabeth Gadd

Dr Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gadd chairs the INORMS Research Evaluation Group and is Vice Chair of the Coalition on Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA). In 2022, she co-authored 'Harnessing the Metric Tide: Indicators, Infrastructures & Priorities for UK Research Assessment'. Lizzie is the research quality and culture lead at Loughborough University, UK and champions the ARMA Research Evaluation SIG. She previously founded the LIS-Bibliometrics Forum and The Bibliomagician Blog and was the recipient of the 2020 INORMS Award for Excellence in Research Management and Leadership.

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