SYoS Workshop no 1

8 June 2023 09:00 15:00

ETH Zürich, Campus Zentrum
Zürich, 8092

The workshop will discuss the topic of the SYoS Lecture no 1 in more depth. The speaker, Dr. Stefanie Haustein, also participates the workshop.

In addition, the workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Possibilities, requirements, and constraints of scientometrics in Switzerland (e.g. in the context of applications in research evaluation and open science monitoring)
  • Transparency and responsible use of scientometrics in Switzerland in the context of DORA
  • Contextual difference, e.g., how does scientometrics in Switzerland differ from that in other countries and whether these potential variations are an advantage or a disadvantage for the Swiss scientific landscape
  • Potential benefits of scientometric data and analysis for different types of higher education institutions in Switzerland (ETH-Domain, universities, universities of applied sciences, etc.)

The overall objective of the first workshop is to describe the current Swiss landscape of scientometrics and to gauge how it could develop in the future.

We are very pleased that Sven Hug (Swiss Science Council) has agreed to chair this workshop.

This event already took place. Please check the associated blogpost if you would like to learn more about the workshop.

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