SYoS Workshop no 2

12 October 2023 09:00 15:00

ETH Zürich, Campus Zentrum
Zürich, 8092

The workshop is dedicated to the topic of "reflexive bibliometrics". The discussions focus on two wider areas:

  1. If and to what extent research assessments based on bibliometric and altmetric data influence institutional and individual behaviour
  2. What is the meaning of these influences for those who analyse and interpret bibliometric and altmetric data

Professor Emanuel Kulczycki, the speaker of the second SYoS Lecture, also participates in the workshop. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the content of his presentation with the other workshop participants.

We are very pleased that Dr Fabian Winter (University of Zurich) has agreed to chair this workshop.

This event already took place. Please check the associated blogpost if you would like to learn more about the workshop.

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