SYoS Workshop no 3

8 February 2024 09:00 15:00

Lausanne, 1015

The third SYoS workshop is titled “What can be measured and how? Data and responsible research assessment” and will focus on various aspects of applying scientometrics in Switzerland.

After lightning talks on Swiss and non-Swiss open science projects based on open data, participants will discuss the practical implications of questions raised during Elizabeth Gadd’s lecture on the assessment of open science. The focus is specifically on the needs for Switzerland:

  • To what extent could Switzerland benefit from a national repository of research outputs? If such a repository exists, which analyses and use cases become possible? What are the trade-offs if such a repository relies on commercial or open databases, on local institutional research repositories, or on both? Who would be suitable stakeholders within Switzerland and beyond? How could interoperability among the stakeholders be ensured and long-term sustainability of the project be achieved?
  • Monitoring as an important tool for gathering evidence and enabling progress: How could different aspects of science be measured with readily available data? In particular, how could we monitor open science? What data are available in the first place and what is missing? How can values be supported with metrics, and metrics be rewarding, fair, inclusive, serve as incentives and be less susceptible to gaming?
  • How does the idea of a national and local monitoring of science interact with current initiative of reforming research assessment (CoARA)? How to balance the distinct needs of institutions, interoperability, and fair standards?

We are very pleased that Dr Michael Ochsner (FORS) has agreed to chair this workshop.

Thank you for your interest.  Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible as the workshop is already fully booked.

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