The Swiss Year of Scientometrics gains momentum with the second lecture

On October 11, 2023, the second lecture in the series “Swiss Year of Scientometrics” took place at ETH Zurich. Over 50 participants gathered on a sunny autumn afternoon to listen to Professor Emanuel Kulczycki’s lecture on “Reframing scientometrics: How ontological understanding of science influences what we count and how we interpret it”. A video recording of the talk and Professor Kulczycki’s slides are now available online.

In his lecture, Emanuel Kulczycki took the audience on a journey through time to the origins of the “science of science”. He presented the ideas of Derek J. de Solla Price and E. Garfield, but also compared these ideas with theory of Russian scientometrics, such as V.V. Nalimov. Emanuel Kulczycki proposed how the historical perspective could inform and improve scientometrics today.

Dr David Johann moderating the Q&A with a microphone
Dr David Johann, head of the SYoS project, moderates the Q&A session (ETH Zurich / Mahmoud Hemila)
A person from the audience asking a question, holding the microphone
The audience used the opportunity to pose questions to Emanuel Kulczycki (ETH Zurich / Mahmoud Hemila)

The stimulating talk encouraged lively discussions with the audience in the Q&A moderated by Dr David Johann. In particular, topics such as values, funding, country-specific research policies, altmetrics, and personnel fluidity in research teams were addressed. Professor Emanuel Kulczycki shared many of his insights and experiences responding to the audience.

An aperitif allowed everyone to continue discussing the topics in smaller groups in a relaxed atmosphere.


The video recording of the lecture is now available:
00:00:00 Introduction by Dr David Johann
00:01:42 Start of lecture by Professor Emanuel Kulczycki
00:03:58 Structure of the lecture
00:05:44 Two driving forces of academia
00:11:39 Origins of Science of Science
00:22:34 Origins of (Russian) Scientometrics
00:34:52 The Triumph of the Atomistic Vision of Science
00:53:26 Implications
01:03:18 Dr David Johann opens the Q&A session
01:29:31 Next events
01:29:47 Dr Noémie Mazaré, EPFL announces the next SYoS event at EPFL in Lausanne
01:31:05 End of the event

The slides are also available for download.

Please save the date for the next SYoS lecture hosted by EPFL on 7 February, 2024. You can register for the event here.

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Annette Guignard

Annette Guignard is an information specialist at the ETH Library. She works in the group Knowledge Management and is part of the "Swiss Year of Scientometrics" project team.

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